Auto Detailing

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At Exclusive Glass Tinting we hold our automotive detailing services in the highest regard and pride in our work, with the utmost scrutiny to detail and cleanliness that continues to push our boundaries and standards for each and every vehicle we complete.

Our procedural execution of washing, cleaning, waxing, buffing, polishing and applying protective solutions gives Exclusive Glass Tinting the ability to ensure a complete cleaning of all surface on a client’s vehicle (paint, exterior trim, wheels, carpet, seating, interior trim, etc.) with the superior care we are known for, we treat your vehicle like it’s our very own.

This planned and systematic execution also brings out the best in your vehicle’s appearance and our overall cleaning abilities. Experience a complete revitalization of your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces, bringing any car, truck or SUV back to life and renewing that head-turning shine we all want. Guaranteed showroom quality polish and shine inside and out is what we strive for and continue to deliver our clients each and every day.

The proven effective methods and products we incorporate to our automotive detailing is the culmination of many years of industry experience and the professionals at Exclusive Glass Tinting that understand and put into action the knowledge of detailing any vehicle like the back of their hand. With the proper techniques, products, professionals and materials at our disposal we continue to accomplish our full details with unmatched efficiency that will undoubtedly produce the beautiful results we aim for and the satisfaction we pledge to each of our client’s experiences.