Paint Protection Films


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Remember that first paint chip that you got on your brand new vehicle?  You want to keep it looking new for as long as possible and Exclusive Glass Tinting can help you do that with ClearBra paint protection films!

Paint Protection Film

Each and every vehicle is susceptible to road wear, sand and rock damage, and weathering effects, and the most noticeable area from these problems is your precious paint job. Thankfully technological advancements have provided us with a durable, performance focused, protective paint film that is engineered to keep the look and feel of your paint for years and years, blocking whatever the road attempts to throw your way. Options vary from full packages covering front bumpers, hoods, side wheel wells and side-view mirrors. We also offer simpler, economic solutions that will cover your door handles, door edges and trunk lids, these can be installed while we are tinting your vehicles windows, so be sure to ask about it next time you visit us!

  • This virtually invisible film helps keep your paint looking great
  • Significantly reduces paint chips and bug damage
  • Keeps vehicles looking better longer and helps boost your trade-in value

ClearBra paint protection film maintains the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes on vulnerable exterior surfaces such as leading hood edges, fender end caps and rocker panels. This rugged, urethane film helps protect against stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering. ClearBra paint protection film is transparent and nearly invisible, and it does not alter vehicle appearance.

We know how you feel about your new vehicle.  Have a certified professional installer apply ClearBra paint protection film on ANY part of your vehicle’s painted surfaces.  When you install paint protection on your vehicle, you will help protect it from:

  • Rock chips
  • Bug acids
  • Sand abrasion

Sometimes nicknamed “clear bra” or “chip guard” 3M VentureShield can be professionally installed by the technicians at Exclusive Glass Tinting on rocker panels, mirror backs, full hoods and more!


Q: How much does it cost to have 3M™ VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film installed on my vehicle?

A: There are many makes and models of cars, trucks, RVs and boats. On personal vehicles ClearBra paint protection film is most often used to cover the front portion of the hood. The film is also commonly applied to painted bumpers, mirror backs, truck bed rails, door handle inserts, door edges, rocker panels, mirror backs, wheel openings, etc. Any painted surface of a car, truck, van, SUV, RV, boat or motorcycle that is susceptible to bug damage and rock chips can be covered with paint protection film. Since the amount of film required and difficulty of application will vary by vehicle model, we suggest giving us a call or scheduling a consultation with one of our installers to provide a detailed estimate of time and pricing.

Q: Can I install ClearBra paint protection film myself?

A: We strongly recommend that ClearBra paint protection film be installed by a professionally trained installer. These are skilled installers in applying the film around compound curves, challenging grillwork, wheel openings, bumpers and all other areas on vehicles.

Q: Can ClearBra paint protection film be used on headlights, foglights or windshields?

A: In the United States, Department of Transportation’s safety standards do not allow for any film to be placed on headlamps.  Other countries may or may regulate. We may still install any application of ClearBra film or colored film at any consumer’s request but after notation of local laws.

Q: How can I get additional information about ClearBra paint protection film?

A: All of our certified and trained installers have years and years of experience in the industry, as well as experience with a wide array of ClearBra paint protection film applications on every type of vehicle. Give us a call or stop into our location, we’ll be able to answer any question you may have!

Q: Can I put ClearBra paint protection film on my motorcycle?

A: Yes, the film may be installed on motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes.

Q: How is ClearBra paint protection film maintained?

A: Once applied, refrain from washing the vehicle in an automated car wash for 24 hours. Washing after that time should present no problem.  Follow the care instructions on the warranty card.

Q: What is the best way to clean ClearBra paint protection film?

A: Soap and water is recommended.  We do not recommend using *isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.   *Note: When using solvents, extinguish all ignition sources, including pilot lights and follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use.

Q: Can I use wax over ClearBra paint protection film?

A: Yes. Every time you wax your paint, wax your film. When waxing the vehicle, some wax may build up along the film edges. This can easily be removed when dry with a soft cloth, such as a 3M™ High Performance Cloth. Do not use pigmented or abrasive waxes, polishes or rubbing compounds on the film.

Q: Will ClearBra paint protection film harm the painted surface if the film is removed?

A: If the film is properly applied to a vehicle with fully cured paint, it can be removed, usually in one piece, without damaging painted surface beneath the film.

Q: Can ClearBra paint protection film be applied over a vehicle that has had the paint touched up?

A: We recommend that any repainted surfaces on your vehicle be professionally painted and fully cured before applying paint protection film. If you have touched up scratches or chips with a tube of “touch-up” paint and then apply paint protection film over it, the film will protect that area until it is removed. If the paint protection film is removed, it is possible that the paint around the non-professional touch-up paint could peel off.

Q: Will the paint smear if ClearBra paint protection film is applied over a newly painted vehicle?

A: The paint on a newly painted vehicle must be cured according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Your body shop should be able to provide you with this information.

Q: Can you paint or apply a clearcoat over the ClearBra paint protection film?

A: No, this is not recommended and is at your own risk.

Q: Can I cover the whole vehicle with ClearBra paint protection film?

A: It is possible, because ClearBra paint protection film film is available in a 60″ width that allows full hood coverage.

Q: Can ClearBra paint protection film be applied over graphics?

A: The clear film will not interfere with vinyl or painted graphics. However, if the ClearBra paint protection film is removed, damage may occur to the underlying graphic during the removal process.

Q: Can 3M ClearBra paint protection film be used on headlights, foglights or windshields?

A: 3M does not recommend or endorse the film for these uses.

Q: Does ClearBra paint protection film stick to bumpers?

A: Yes.

Q: Can ClearBra paint protection film be used on boats or other watercraft?

A: Marine requirements are different than automotive, please call us with any questions about any non-automotive applications.

Q: Can ClearBra paint protection film be used on aircraft?

A: Aircraft requirements are completely different than automotive, please call us with any questions about aircraft and non-automotive applications.

Q: If ClearBra paint protection film is removed from the vehicle, can it be re-used?

A: Once ClearBra paint protection film has been applied and set, the adhesive will not stick a second time.

Q: After ClearBra paint protection film has been removed, how do I get any excess adhesive off my vehicle?

A: If any adhesive remains on the vehicle after removal of the ClearBra paint protection film, it can be removed by using a general purpose adhesive cleaner.